Thursday, March 12, 2009

so, it's been three days

I know I said I was going to post daily or every other daily, but once again, real life got in the way. I am having twinges that mean either kidney or gall stone, and that sucks. Hermes was ill on March 10th, so I was dealing with him, and wonder of wonders, Thor said a bratty 'no!', I was tripping the border between pissed off and proud momma so hard, I damned near gave myself whiplash.
For those who are new here, and haven't read the archive, or for those who just don't know or remember, Thor is on the Autism spectrum, and has a whole slew of acronyms to go with it. Part of the fall out from all of this is that he is not always age appropriate, and he doesn't always express himself properly. For me to telll him to go to his room, and him to look at me and say "No!" is HUGE! It sucks, as I totally had to discipline him, and explain that when Momma tells you to do something, no is not the correct answer, but I was soo puffy chested proud at that moment. He did something that was normal not normal for him, but normal for any 4.5 year old.

Loki, on the other hand, is becoming even more of a monkey. I have had to tell him repeatedly in the last few days that we do not eat with our feet and ankles resting on the table. He does this while strapped into his booster seat. Imagine, if you will, almost three year old boy, but in a chair, elbows resting on the table as he eats his peanut butter sandwich, milk on his right, and his feet and ankles swung up over the outside of his frame, to rest on the table. Yeah...monkey.

Also, I have been dealing with some personal shit right now. It sucks, it's complicated, it's confusing, it's frustrating, and yeah...

Till next time, loyal readers, till next time.

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