Sunday, March 29, 2009

enough with the vomit already!

So, eyah, squeamish warning and all that, but seriously? if you read the title, you shouldn't need it.

Hermes is at about %90 right now. Healthy enough to be annoying, ill enough to attempt to use it in his favor.

Thor and Loki, on the other hand, well, last night, I honestly thought things had turned around, and when they ate brunch this morning, and I managed more than 18 vomit free hours? Yeah, I thought I was in the clear.
That was until an hour ago, when I had tandem vomit happenning Loki woke from his nap, came downstairs, sat next to Thor on the couch, and proceded to hork while having his pants changed. Hit my left leg from the knee down. Loki set off Thor, who hit a good third of the living room, and my right leg, from calf down, as well as filling up one of Hubby's tennis shoes.

So, the couch blankets are in the wash again, as are my jeans, hubby's shoes, the clothes both boys were wearing, and then the floor was dininfected.

Hermes had to spend some time in his room after that, though, to take some time to think about the fact that making puke jokes, while your brothers are horking on your mom, is not the smartest thing you could do.

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