Thursday, March 05, 2009

look at this, it's the next day!

See, readers, it's the next day, and I am in fact, writing a post.
As I touched on in my last post, I have a large amount of stuff that I am working through. I am doing OK with this, though. I realized that there is a lot of shit from my past that needs to be worked out, and there is a lot of current shit, too. The current shit cannot ever be resolved if I don't deal with the past shit.
I am working on balancing the mom-me, wife-me, student-me, and, well, me.
I am working on remembering who I am, and that I do much of what I do to help my family, but for ME as well.

I am reconnecting with dear old friends, catching up, finding where, when, and how our paths diverged, and so on.

Once again, to reitterate, I am actually doing OK.
I am getting a bit more OK every day.

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