Monday, March 09, 2009

It's March 9th...duh!

Hermes is home from school today Amazingly, it is not because he is sick. In reality, it's a teacher development day at The Palace of Learning. I aksed Hermes over the weekend why he had no school today, though, and he replied "Well,'s March Ninth...duh!" Of Course! Why didn't I think of that, 3-09 means no school! Wevs...

I should have taken a shower roughly 40 minutes ago. I had every intention of taking a shower, I had my towel ready, I had clothes ready, but I totally forgot to factor in the insanity the younger two members of the Pantheon, Thor and Loki, would cause.
Daylight Savings rolled yesterday. Clockes were set ahead an hour. Thor's internal clock did not reset yet. As far as he is concerned, it is too early for SuperWhy or Sid the Science Kid. It is too early to be so tired, it is too early for (insert anything here) his insanity over this is affecting Loki, as the two of them play off of each other all the time, emotion and attitude wise. This insanity is leading to massive quantities of willful disobedience (the new term for misbehaving in housewife land- think Joan Crawford being all No Wire Hangers!!! and you can almost get the tone used for Willful Disobediance! whic Thor and Loki proudly announce they are doing)

I am hectic, but this seems to be a constant. I recently reread my entire blog, and realized that I use the word hectic as a self descriptor way too much.

Things are...interesting...for me at the moment. I have a lot of stuff to figure out and deal with, Hermes is too damned smart for anyones good, Thor, well...I will do a thor intensive post later, and Loki is a smart-ass.

Life is life, it is good, bad, happy, upset, suprising, predictable, red, grean, up and down all at once.

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