Thursday, February 01, 2007

when advertising attacks!!

A couple of twentysomething dudes were arrested in Boston, MA for "Purpetrating a hoax to induce terror". Their "crime", if one wanted to call it such, was placing "bomblike devices" in strategic, high traffic areas. The devices were basicallly flat light-brights. Little boards with diods and batteries and wires which when illuminated outlined a monnenite flipping the bird. If the boston officals had taken the time to ask ohhh.....any nineteen year old male, they would have ventured forth immidiately with the answer..."OMG..It's from Aqua teen hunger force!!" The glowing mooninites are part of a TEN CITY ad campaign by Turner broadcasting, who owns cartoon network, and therefor Adult Swim. LA, Portland Oregon, New York, Texas, none of the other nine cities had any issues, but Boston is trying to press terrorism suits against the two men, Turner, the ad agency who came up with the idea, and any body else...Why? Because they are to stubborn to admit they overreacted. The Boston officials claim that in a post 9/11 society, we need to be more aware of how our actions affect others...I agree...and the officials need to be aware that THEIR overreaction and subsequent pressing of lawsuits is making them look rediculous. Their actions are going to needlessly frighten free-thinking, free-speaking individuals more than a couple of mooninites.

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