Friday, February 02, 2007

Unholy cold!

For the last few years, the Winter Carnival had issues with the weather being too warm...people grumbled. How are you supposed to have a winter carnival when the ice is melting?? Well, people are starting to grumble again this year, but for the oppisite reason. It is so cold, that they might have to cancel some events this weekend. It is not going to be above zero at all tomorrow, probably not again until tuesday. Wicked cold, bitter cold, call it what you will, it's just COLD.

Hermes is being picked up from the palace of learning by his Gramma today. Last weekend he was able to spend time with Grammy, this weekend it's Gramma and Dad-dad. They decided to take Hermes overnight tonight, and pick up Thor tomorrow, and take them to the children's museum once again. Behold the power of the Yearly Pass in all it's splendor. An adult might become bored with the display of the season, but not children. Two little boys running around the Bob The Builder display, all the other hands on stuff...they'll be in heaven! The main reason they are going is the unholy cold. Little kids need to burn off energy, or they ddrive everyone around them nuts! Grammy takes Hermes through the skyway, his favorite thing to do with her next to going to the park or a jazz event. Gramma takes them to the museum, his favorite thing next to the park or camping/hiking/fishing to do with them.
We are very lucky to have two sets of awesome grandparents who love their grandkids, and spend time with them having fun.
Buddha is going to have some peacefull time tomorrow, time to crawl/saunter around and explore the house without fear of being run down by an older kid. He will also be having a nice, warm, uninterupted bath, something he rarely gets. The norm for him is to be washed down as quickly as possible, so his brothers don't annoy him/jump in the tub.steal his towel.

Wicked cold outside, but nice inside.

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