Tuesday, February 27, 2007

well, he's stopped.

I called the Dr about Thor's issues. Dr asked that I document for a week or two, then call back and give a rundown/schedule and appointment. Of course, as soon as I try to document it, the vomiting stops. This is fabulous, but means that if it starts up again, we are back at square one.

Thor has also decided, out of the blue, that butterred bread is an acceptabvle texture again. Pleasing to eat, and tasty, too.

Buddha is becoming more and more mobile daily. Good, yet frieghtening. It is much easier to keep track of the wee ones when they cannot run or walk, even if it is only about four steps.

Hermes is still doing awesome at school, I cannot wait until mid-late march, for his conferences.

I still need to get more sleep, but maybe after my next Dr appointment, we canfigure out why I have been so tired.

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