Saturday, February 10, 2007


Finally, something we need is going to be on sale when we actually have the moneys to pay for it!! Our stzate return showed up in our bank this morning, still waiting on the fed (Mom, you will get your check as soon asthe fed shows up, should be less than two weeks.) Menards is having a slae starting tomorrow with shelving units. Units the right size and material to modify in order to make the critter condo! Yay! This will make my life much easier, my house much easier to clean, and much safer for the wee Buddha to crawl around and practice walking in, and in general be a good thing!

Thor is doing amazing! He is starting to use some words regularly again, and is trying to help Buddha with saying things like 'Momma' and 'Poppa' and 'Bottle'. Car rides right now sound like this-
Thor "Mommmmmmmaaaa, pooooppppppaaaa, booootttllllle"
Buddha " Momamomamomamomamoma, pabapabapabapabapaba, bababababababa.phhhbbbllllltttt!"
Thor "Phphphllllbbtt!"
Buddha "Momma!"
Thor "Mommmaaa, gud baayyyybee! Liammmmmmmmm!"
repeat as needed to fill the drive.

Hermes is awesome. I am so pleased with my little man. He had his math placement test at the Palace of Learning last week or the week before, I cannot recall, and out of all the questions on two pages only got 1 wrong. The only one he didn't know how to do! I cannot wait until conferences so we can discuss which classroom he will be doing math in, and with wich teacher. His handwriting is improving daily, as is his motor control with writing and coloring implements. The only concern right now-according to the person who did the vision and hearing checks at school, Hermes might have weak eye muscles, so when I schedule my next exan, which will be as soon as I get the vision card, if I don't decide to go sooner and make the ins. company reimburse me, I need to get him in too. The optometrist needs to check him out, fill out a form for school stating wether or not their is a problem, and wether or not it is correctable/can affect his learning/he'll grow out of it/whatever. It sounds like if there is an issue, it is easily correctable, so no worries!

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