Friday, February 16, 2007

probably don't want to read this before, or right after, dinner

Thor's been vomiting, semi-regularly, for a while now. Only once per day, and generally only two or three times a week, but for the last few months, a pattern has emerged. For a while, we thought naybe it was dogs, as there was often a dog around when it happened, then maybe dairy, then maybe being sick, then who knows what. I realized, though, that there is a fairly definate pattern to the occurances that happen when he is not obviously sick.
Did you know that there was a link between vomiting and autism? Yeah.. me neither. I knew that kids with autism were more likely to have digestional issues, but never kenned to the vomiting. It can be treated, it can go away, sometimes it's fairly permanent. I'm going to schedule a Dr's appt for him for monday to rule out any illnesses or allergies, but it might be symptomatic of the autism. Fun.

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