Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Thor has learned how to fake sneeze. This came about a little while ago, when we were at the in-laws, he sneezed, and MIL told him 'Gesundheit!", the next time he sneezed, I said 'Bless you". He gave me a look, then walked around making sneezing noises until someone said gesundheit again. Something about the word he likes, so he makes his sneezy noises to hear it. This is actually a really good thing, devolopmentally, as he is learning that certain sounds get certain responses...a prequel to speaking, if you will.
I am finding myself speaking to adults the way I speak to Thor, when someone gets something I request, I reply with "That was good listening. That was good doing. Great job! Thank you!", and get a strange look. We have to break down everything he does into catagories, and when he does good, praise him. If he follows a request to its logical conclusion, he is praised for every step.

Hermes was home ill yesterday. I had him off the computer, and in his room, to rest. He came down at one point to ask to play, and I said no...he replied, "But that's not faaaiiiir!" I was so shocked to hear this, my baby's growing up!

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