Friday, December 01, 2006

Still trucking

Mondays experiment in potty training didn't work too well. Thor decided that instead of going to the potty seat when he needed to, he would just use the floor, but he did let me know, so that's something. Thor is starting to present more repititious behaviour when it comes to repeating sounds, and doing things in certain orders...every time. I don't know if this is a new thing, or if he's always done it, and I'm just now acknowledgin it-either way, it's something to report at his various appointments next week and the following week.
Buddha is having a really big issue trying to cut his top teeth, and his working valiantly to stand. He is also starting to make noises that sound suspiciously like 'bottle', 'momma', 'poppa' and 'up'. Thor and Buddha sit next to each other in the car, and will chatter and giggle at each other for entire rides. Somehow, they understand each other perfectly.
Hermes is gearing up for the weekend, he knows to do his homework tonight, so he can go to the in-laws overnight tomorrow, Thor will be joining him. Hopefully they have fun and behave.
I am having some unexplained, sharp foot pain on the top of my foot, two-thirds of the way between my big toe, and my ankle. If it gets any worse, I will be spending part of my two-thirds child free saturday in the doctor's office, trying to figure out what is up. I have really bad tendonitis and fasciitis, but have never felt anything in my foot before, I am wondering if I somehow frractured or dislocated on of my tarsals (my junior high Boi teacher would be proud, I remembered that right!)

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