Monday, November 27, 2006

waiting for snow

I love living in MN. The seasons are constant, yet unpredictable. This year we have been oscillating between unseasonable cold, and way above normal highs. This is the perfect breeding ground for colds and allergens, and apparently they are all attacking me! Last night I had to bow out on our families 'second Thanksgiving' because I am uncertain as to whether this is a bad cold and allergies, or something worse and more cynical. My eyes itch, my throuat hurts, for the last week and a half my voice has been debating if it wants to stay or go (often times set to The Clash), my throat hurts, I am sneezing constantly and painfully, and my intestines seem to be anarchists. I figure that until I can get into the doctors office (I might have to do urgent care if I want to be seen in the next week, damn not having a standard doctor, but since I was pregnant with Buddha, if anything came up, I went to my Ob/Gyn, and he would refer me to a DR based on my issues, now that I'm not preggers, I need to get a doc) I'll just try to stay hydrated, rested, and chock full of vitamin C.

Today, I am going to let Thor run around the house naked as much as possible, I have the potty seat stragically placed, and have to clean anyways, so if he decides to use the floor instead of the potty, no big loss.
Thor will now tell us how old he is, if asked, and will also show you how many fingers old, but varies on which two he will display. Sometimes it is the normal "bunny ear" fingers, sometimes the middle two and sometimes the last two-but it's always two next to each other, and always consistently two. My heart just melts when he looks at me and says "Two! MMMM Two!" Since we have been having play dates for Hermes with kids in his age group, Thor is trying to talk a little more. He is still playing parallel to others more than with others, but any positive change is good right now, any positive change is something I can report to his doctors fairly worry free, even a little proud.
Hermes was sooo happy to be going back to school this morning, I have never seen a passion for learning like that before, and hope it never gets extinguished.
Buddha is trying very hard to stand. He can kneel, and he can "stand" with his hands touching the ground-think yoga-downward dog pose. He is also trying very, very hard to talk. Part of me hopes that as Buddha talks more, Thor will talk more. They jabber at each other all the time in their own language, it would be nice to be included in their conversations.

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