Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sitting at the table

I'm realizing that Thor is starting to take over my postings recently, but that is because there is much more to post about him. Hermes is fairly self-sufficiant, as far as five year olds go, and I think he is making a point of not doing anything that might land him in the blog. Buddha is growing and eating and sleeping and having a runny nose. I did realise the other night that when he giggles, he has perfectly formed 'hahahas', which is adorable. Thor right now is sitting at the table, not fussing in his chair, not standing in his chair, but happily sitting, I moved his chair enough so he could see what Hermes is up to, and no more squirmy-standy-fussy Thor. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. He is meticulously eating his cereal right now, he really wanted cereal for a post nap-time snack, and I was not going to try to tell him no. He is eating his cereal peice by peice and occasionally laughing out loud. I do not know what he finds so funny, and am not getting any indication from him when I ask. He is happy for the time being, though, and starting to seem more himself after the holidays, so that's good.

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