Friday, December 08, 2006

peanut butter sandwiches

Having children makes you remember things you thought you forgot. Things like: A peanut butter sandwich makes an adequate breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches smell aweful after sitting under a bed for a week or so (sorry Mom!). Dried and crusty pb&j sandwiches REALLY hurt to step on. Crubchy peanut butter DOES taste different from the creamy. Strawberry jam is superior to grape jelly, apricot preserves reign supreme.

I can always get Hermes and Thor to eat pb&j, even when they want nothing else. Hermes can get really, very picky about how his sandwich is presented, Thor could care less, it's gonna get ripped apart either way. Thor is rather fuzzy on the concept of 'sandwich'-two peices of bread holding something in-between them, he feels that the bread is just a wrapper, an edible wrapper, but a wrapper none the less. Sandwiches must be vigorously opened, their contents spilled out on the plate/table/floor and eaten. If the contents stick to the bread, he will eat it, but never the whole slice, he will either eat the crust, or eat the middle, leaving the crust perfectly intact.
Hermes likes his sandwiches to be as even and symmetrical as possible. He will argue with you over how it should be cut, over which side should have the jelly, and tell you that the pb side ALWAYS needs to be on the bottom, otherwise your sandwich gets soggy. Hubby says he sees alot of me in Hermes when it comes to tirades about sandwiches. I know he is right, but I'll never admit it.
I am excited for the day when Buddha gets to partake of the classic childhood food.

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