Friday, December 22, 2006

sanity fleeting

It's been a week's just been. We kept Hermes home from school on tuesday and wednesday. He went back on thursday and brought home a massive cold for everyone to share! Buddha is cranky, Thor is cranky, Hermes is cranky, and I, Momma, am cranky. Due to a budgeting snafu, and the cable company telling me they accepted payment arragnements, then not doing it, we were without cable or internet here in housewife land from Monday morning until this morning. I did not think this would be a huge issue at first. We have plenty of computer games that Hermes can play off-line, and plenty of movies for everyone to watch. Hubby and I were particularly thrilled when Thor decided he wanted to watch Firefly with us, and he now says a letter grouping that sound suspiciously like "KaiLee pretty!" which is awesome, but he also gets upset if Dora isn't on at 7:30, and Oobie after that, or if he wakes up from his nap and Mr Rogers is nowhere to be found. We are noticing that Thor is a little more structured in his routine than we thought, but not too terribly bad. Very few thing will upset him. Thursday we had Snow!! This kept Thor occupied at the window for a while...stuff falling from the sky. We also had the last of his evals, and he will be starting, well, something after winter break. His speach is behind, but not too terribly behind. His other skilss are rather advanced, though, which skew the charts some. He has fabulous gross motor skills, rather good fine-motor, excelent comprehension and receptive skills, and is a drop dead mimick. He just wont talk, likes to touch textured things, and occasionally spaces out. Sometimes he goes limp when angry, he has an attachment to bedding, any bedding, and dislikes overly active looking colors. He's 'normal', 'below normal', 'exceptional', and both 'off and on the spectrum' all at the same time.
Basically, all professionals agree, his brain works different, but we don't know how, he CAN talk, he just WONT, and he's very happy and inquisitive.

Buddha is growing, teething, and having a cold-there for miserable.

Hermes is on winter break-therefor exstatic.

Santa is coming soon

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