Wednesday, December 27, 2006

sirvived christmas

We all managed to survive Christmas, surprisingly enough. I have the mother of all colds, but am surviving, and am pulling myself far enough away from deaths door to clean the house and assemble the New York Jazz calander for Jazz-dad, I told him to expect it by saturday, as I just don't think I'll be able to get to it tonight, and still be able to make my house a bit more inhabitable.
Buddha did fairly well for his first x-mas, he pulled on peoples hair, chewed on people's fingers, fussed at inoportune times, and would giggle and smile angel-like at people when they needed it.
Hermes thinks that everything he recieved is just the greatest gift EVER!, I am very pleased that he not only enjoys everything he recieves, but he is taking good care of it so far, and he wants to send everyone thank you notes, or e-mail, or calls.
Thor did well. He had a minor meltdown on x-mas eve, and we made a hasty break for it on x-mas day to avoid the meltdown. We opened most of his gifts for him, he doesn't quite grasp that there are still gifts after the first one. It makes me rethink how we're going to handle his birthdays from here on out. The hard part about his being two, and borderline on the spectrum, is in a years time, we could look at him and wonder why we ever worried in the first place, or in a years time, he could be worse. It seems that everytime he improves in one area, he backslides in the other. I keep telling myself that as long as he's happy and relatively healthy, that's all we care about. For the most part this is so, but sometimes I wish ti have him just curl up on my lap, tell me he loves me, and ask for something to eat/drink/do/cuddle/play with.

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