Thursday, January 05, 2006

pain meds...ladedadeda

First, I am on Percoset right now, and for those of you who do not know, that is oxycodone and acitominophine-wheeeee- appaerently, oxycodone will pass into breastmilk but will not cross the placenta-whereas codine-which isn't as strong, will not enter breastmilk, but could potentially fuck up a fetus by crossing the plecanta like mad.
A brief baby timeline update-optimally, I will have baby#3 in early april, pre tax-day, post april fool's day. Anytime after about the thirteenth of march(just over nine weeks from now), though technically early, would put us in the clear devolopmentally, lungs fully formed, and not technically a preemie, just a little early to the party. Also, if the Dr's have any concerns about my health, 3/13 is the date they do not want to deliver before if at all possible. Since my blood pressure is good, and I have no abnormal protiens or sugars as of yet, we will not worry about that. Between march 1 and march 13 is doable if absolutely neccesarry with very little risk, as long as we have 24-48 hours within which to administer a specific sterioid in shot form to jump start fetal lung maturaty, and thus, be mostly ok after some brief monitoring. anything before then(so any time in january or february) is moslty forbidden-so untill we hit the safety point-no stress, less sodium, more excersize(but not exhaustive excersize-no heart rate over 140bpm for me), more rest, and more sleep. Weeeee

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