Wednesday, January 11, 2006

not enough sleep, too much weight, there really is a connection!!

I was baffled when my doctors suggested sleeping more as a way to cope with my excess weight gain. This baffled me, but went well with their suggestions of getting more rest, more excersize, and less stress-if I could do all of those things-I would be thrilled. I figured that more sleep would equal more energy, so I could excersize more, excersize decreases stress levels-supposedly, I'd be getting better rest afterwards, and so on, and so on, and so on....
It turns out that not getting enough sleep causes your body to produce deficient amounts of a protien/chemical/hormone/something called Liptin. Liptin is produced when you are full, it tells your body to stop craving carbohydrates. If you are not producing enough, you will have fierce carb cravings, no matter how full you are, and we all know a craving will not go away unless it's fed. Well, these cravings won't! It's Evil!!
Iffin I were not preggers, there is a medication that could be given untill I am able to get enough sleep again, but untill I either have the kid and quit breastfeeding, or until I get enough sleep and rest and excersize for my body to self correct the problem, I'm SOL.
Oh, and lets not forget that excess carbs can affect insulin levels, and WHEEE, more things to toss on the pile.
What the game plan is for now, is to take things easy, and get my nose to the excersize grindstone after the babe is born.

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