Friday, January 13, 2006

The incredible growing toddler, plus the w-2 that ate Eagan

Littleman might need a new blog-name. He is fifteen months old today, now firmly entrenched in being a toddler. He had himself a well child check-up today that included two shots( MMR and DTp-I immunize my children, I have no moral or ethical qualms with doing such, and even allow product that might be animal based-GASP!!, plus I know what all the acronyms and abbreviations mean!) He is cranky because of this, but get's some wee one tylenol-so that's OK. We also weighed, measured length, and measured head circumference. He is 26pounds 12.75 ounces (%80 for kids his age-meaning only %20 of 15 month olds are heavier) 33and a half inches (%97), and his head? 19.75, that equals out to %99. Big damn head!

Hubby got his W-2 form today. That means that I get to file our taxes!!! Well, I get to e-file our fed. If I want to e-file state, I have to wait...that sucks..but YAY Tax Return time!!!!

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