Wednesday, January 18, 2006

never enough time-hectic! hectic! vs all's good, plenty of time, calm

All last week I was able to stay nicely on top of things, my house stayed clean, my dishes stayed done, my meals were planned, and my kids were happy. I was even waking up earlier to take care of BabyBear. This week, I have had a much more hectic and rushed, not enough time, sort of feeling. We were all sick over the weekend, and most of us are still in recovery. The house is still clean, and way cleaner than what I used to call clean, but not as tidy as I'd like, just some general clutter type things. I haven't let my dishes pile up, but I haven't been steying completely on top of them either. I couldn't figure out why I had plenty of time and energy last week, but was feeling so bogged down thus far this week. At first, I thought it must be the change in hours I was keeping, but no, I was getting less sleep at night, so napping off and on during the day, when able, so that wasn't it. Then I thought that it must be that we ahve all been sick. Yeah! That must be it, but, no...that's not it either. Hubby was home both monday and tuesday, anything that I felt really needed to be worked on, I could've done. Wait a minute, let's back up a sentence, "...anything I felt really needed to be worked on...: Ahhh, we've found the difference. Last week I just did. I decided what needed to be done, and I did it, immediately, or as close to immediately as I could. It never took long, and it was over, and thus plenty of time and calm. This week, I have been a procrastinator. I have put off doing things until they HAD to be done. When this happens, almost everything HAS to be done, AT ONCE!!! Okay, I think I found it. To quote trite and cliche'd commercials from my youth- "Just Do It".

Oddly enough, the key to my having enough time seems to be doing more, more often. Not doing everything, not doing too much, but doing just over enough, on a regular basis, and you start to get ahead. Somehow, I think my finances are working in the same way, as is almost everything else. If I keep up with being calm and getting it done, I will have the time to take care of me, even after baby#3 arrives, and I like that, I need that.


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