Tuesday, January 10, 2006

feeling "housewifey"

This weekend was the inaugeral weekend for the "Chore Wheel". Marvel at it's organization glory! For those of you who are not in the know, a chore wheel is a way to evenly and fairly devide the household chores amongst the populace of a home. In our case, we have four people of weekly chore doing age, and made four groups of chores. Everyweek the wheel rotates, so throughout the course of a month, everyone will have cleaned every common area once. On top of this is the general care and maintenance, but with the rest of the house clean, I can focus on the maintenance. I have had a clean house, with everyone fed, and the dishes done, by no later than eight p.m. for the last few days. I have been able to make and drink coffee, in the mornings, with no problems or guilt-my kitchen and living room are clean! (I did not make coffee this morning, as my Crock-Pot was taking up the outlet normally made available for the coffeepot, and I didn't feel like moving the pot.)
I still need to do the boys room-but it is a little overwhelming. small children have a lot of stuff, and the stuff gets all over, and we are working with Bigguy on taking care of his stuff, a concept he is much better at since we began enforcing a one-toy-or-set-at-a-time policy, but the stuff that was already out needs a home! I can work on their room now, and know that the rest of the house has been taken care of, so that if someone is in the area, and just happens in-I do not need to appologize for the mess! I feel like a good housewife right now-and it's nice.

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