Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good news

Of our two basement-dwelling roommates, one is Bro-in-law, and the other is a good friend. Good friend just took his liscence test today, and he passed, just barely, but passed none the less. Now he just needs to get a car and my life becomes a little bit easier. Now that everyone with the exception of Hubby is liscenced(of the people who are of age), Hubby can get in gear to get his test taken. He plans on being street legal by the time baby#3 is born, even if that means taking his test in the snow and ice. WooHoo. Coupled with the work we will be having done to the mini-van with some of our tax return $$, and we will be a fully mobile household.

More good news-my Dr has cleared my for the next three weeks. To be clear, three weeks from now would still be way too early for baby#3 to be born, but I shouldn't go into labor before then, or immediately afterwards. I am supposed to get more rast, more excercize(sic), less sodium, more sleep, and the big one-Less Stress-yeah, like I can just eliminate stress at will, and I haven't yet. We are still having an almost unheard of weight-gain, especially when my diet is taken into account, but everything else is liiking relatively ok. My back is f!@#ed up, but I have some handy-dandy pain killers to take at bedtime, thus relieving the back pain and helping with the sleep. Also, proper excercize should help alleviate back tension and if we can control the weight, that should help. All else failing, I hope for a healthy babe, and start doing Pilates ASAP after the kid is born. I really like Pilates, but cannot do it while pregnant, and I don't like the versions that have been modified for pregnancy.

Defunct-Dad news-I still haven't heard anything, and after my innitial rant about what a bastard he is for letting his grandkids go without a fight, I really couldn't care less. I have decided that this year I will celebrate what I have, and be good with that.

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