Monday, December 01, 2008

Toys for Tots

To everyone out there in internet land who has donated to Toys for Tots, this year or previous years, thank you. There are so many people that you are bringing Christmas to that you may never know. Some of these people have had recent hardship, and are working their way out, and Christmas scared the shit out of them, some have had longer standing hardships, and see no way out, but either way, you are bringnig Santa into the lives of their kids, you are the true spirit of Christmas to the older kids, those who have outgrown Santa, and to the adults who have to request the toys, you are proving that despite what we were led to believe, Santa does exist.

Thank you to the Marines, who for going on 60 years have spent time and energy bringing the vision of one man and his wife to liffe. Thank you to the news stations that get the word out, thank oyu to the orginizations that get the toys out.

If you can, please, drop a toy in the bins when you are out and about. Do not forget about the older kids, either, as Toys for Tots distributes gifts for those of up to 16 years of age. Some state have a tech for teens or toys for teens program geared specifically for older kids.
Drop some change in the red buckets with the bell ringers if you can, as you may be giving someone food and heat.
I know that times for everyone are hard, but if you can spare anyhting to make it a little easier for someone with less than you, this year is the year to do so.
For those who have, thank you, for those who want, help is coming, and for those who cannot, but need not, it will be OK, too.

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