Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Chrsitmas!

Christmas day has, so far, been awesome. Chrsitmas at my mom's was smaller this year, but in many ways that made it better. There was a lot more thought put into the gifts, and everyone really seemd to enjoy what the recieved. The adult kids gift exchange had a smaller limit this year, but we were stil able to get everyone what they really wanted. I got Buppy to movies she really wanted, plus an awesome dragon calander, Hubby got an illistrated guide to his favorite book series, My step-bro got me an "Omg! Ponies" shirt which I will undoubtedly wear to death, and Hubby got the future BIL two pair of much needed gloves. The boys got awesome presents from everyone, clothing, books, toys, all of it appreciated. Right now, Thor is napping with the giant stuffed Elmo that santa brought him, an Elmo that went every where with us today, even wearing a sweat jacket out and about, as Thor did not want him to get cold, Loki is sleeping with the stuffed pup he got from one of his brother's last night. Hermes is currently playing with his Pirate themed Lego set he got from his Auntie Sistah Girl (who loved the coloing book I got her- yes, we are an odd family, why?

There was an odd thing that occured with gifts this year. One of the smaller items Hermes got from Santa was a Capt'n Jack Sparrow action figure, yesterday, he got a large Pirates of the Carribean coloring set, 8 markers, 4 twistable crayons, and 20 large coloring sheets, and then he got the Pirate lego set from Sistah Girl. He is really happy about all of these, as he can assemble his legos, set up the posters he colos around it,m and have Capt'n Jack as a giant over the legos. Smart kid.

A few things really stand out for me from today. It was a really enjoyable breakfast, first off. Loki behaved as well as can be expected from a two year old on Christmas. Hermes was as patient as you can expect a 7 year old to be, and Thor di amazingly well, making sure to wish everyone a Marrr-ee Christsmasts! One of the gifts Hubby and I recieved from Mom-the hipple and Cool-jazz dad was a Mandarin Chinese Immersion set, so that we can actually understand Hermes, and help him with school stuff.

One of the greatest gifts, though, was a non tangible. Loki peed on the potty at Mom's. I am thrilled, as this means that come this time next year (sooner actually, but I don't want to jynx it) I will be done with daipering all together!! No more stinky pants for me!

One of the other great things, every thing ran smoothely, everyone was hppy, there were no dissapointments, so snark, no fights, it was just a good, relaxing day.

I needed that after yesterady, when everything was running a good hour and a half later than we were told, so Loki was overtired, Thor was melting down repeatedly before dinner was even served, and it was jsut tense for Hubby and I. I came home from that, spent about n hour being numb, another hour crying, and some more time fuming, before BIL and SIL came over to do a gift exchange (HellBoy II: the Golden Army dvd...yeah!) and then I whipped out all the santa presents, and wrapped all the gifts that were going to moms.

I am slowly doing the post holiday clean up and sorting of gifts. I am having an amazing day so far today, much better than I have had, holiday wise, in years, and I want it to last.

Oh- and something ultra heartwarming. Troll Who Lives Under The STairs, AKA Friend (who doesn't actually live under our stairs, nor is he a troll) Is working today, 8am to 6pm. While at work, there was a alrge family waiting for their photo order to be complete. He runs the photo area. After he completed their order, they thanked him profusely for working today, and handed him a Christmas card. Inside was a $10 gift card for Target.
Total strangers, being nice to retial folk. That is part of Christmas too.

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