Saturday, December 27, 2008


Total potty count for Loki for christmas day- 3, yes folks, three! ONce at my mom's and twice at home after a rediculously long nap. He asked/told us at home, as well, it wasn't a case of changing pants in the bathroom and asking 'cause the opportunity was there, like at my mom's. No, Loki walked up, said "Potty please, NOW!!!" we ran in, sat him down, and viola! Pee, in the potty!

We had two more trips last night, and one so far today.

Can you tell that I have been dealing with daipers/pull-ups for the last 7.5 years? Seriously, Hermes was at the tail end of training when Thor was born, and Thor is in the 'stay one step ahead of Loki" stage of training.

Seriously, I will be done with daipers in all their forms, other than 'goodnight pants"** in a few months or so...WOOHOO!!!

***Goodnight pants are essentially pull-ups for overnight. They are designed in brief style for younger boys (think 4 and under) and in 'boxer' styles for boys 4 and up. Loki shouldn't need tham for too long, if at all, but with Thor's sensory issues, he will not wake up if he has to use the potty, and this way, we will not be changing sheets so often, and hey look and feel more like boxer briefs than a pull-up.

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