Monday, December 01, 2008

seriously, no really...

Loki hs the Death Cold!!!
I have not had more than three days in the last MONTH where one of the kids in housewifeland has not been flinging snot.
I know that does not sound attractive, but it could not sound worse than what is happenning around here. See, the unique thing about having three kids, is that different colds have different incubation periods. This means that it is totally pssible for all three of them to have one type of cold at the same time, then have one ofthem get a new cold, then pass it on down the line.

When Hermes is sick, he is either bemoaning how icky he feels, and become a hermit in his room, emerging only for sustenance and cuddles, or he insists that he feels juuuuust fine, and why can't he (insert any number of things that is unacceptable to do while ill)

When Thor is ill, he want's momma. Maybe he want's poppa, too. Thor just wants to be snuggled, given warm food and drink, and put to bed swaddled (and try swaddling a humungous 4 year old!) when he is sick.

Loki, though. Loki will run away from you when he is ill, you may try to feed him, or change him, or make him feel better, or do something that would make him want to rest, and dangit, he is a man on the move- no time for being ill. He is soooo crabby that he will whine or cry almost contantly until he is better, he will even wimper and whine in his sleep.
Out of all of my kids, I dread him being ill most of all. Yeah, Thor cannot tell us what he needs, but we can generally figure it out. Yeah, Hermes gets annoying, but we can send him to his room. Loki, well, I will be chock full of frazzled nerves by the end ofthe day, but once he is better, he will smile, and cuddle, and thank me, and tell me he loves me, and I am no longer mad until the next time.

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