Sunday, December 07, 2008


So, I have a temporary laptop solution in the guise of the ToshibaSaurus.
The Toshibasaurus is one of my father-in-laws older laptops. To gove you an idea of how old it is, it was running WindowsME. Yeah.
I found my XP discs and am in the process of running the longest upgrade EVAH.
Once this is done, I will have a mostly functional laptop.
Not a permanent solution by any means, but something that will definitely work until we can afford a new laptop, probably around tax return time.

There are a few rather valid reasons on why the ToshibaSaurus is not a good long term fix. A) it is ancient in laptop years, a good 8 years old, if not more. It has limited hard drive and memory space. It does have wireless internet, as long as I make sure the wireless adapter card is securely plugged in. Did I mention that, among ither things, this laptop still has a floppy drive? Yeah, it's takes the 3.2s (the ones that I always confused as 'hard disks' when I was younger, as I grew ip on the day of the floppy, actually physicly bendy, 5.whatever floppy disks, as opposed to the hard plastic cased, smaller but holds more data, 3.whatevers)
The batterry only hold a charge for about half an hour, unless you leave it plugged in for roughly a week before running it on just battery power, so I really need to be close to an outlet to use it for any amount of time. The keyboard is missing a few keys, and so on.

It is slow, cumbersome, and unattractive, but it works for now. It will help greatly to get me through my first quarter of school, and after that, I can transfer all my info onto my (hopefully) new, shimy, sleek, effective laptop.


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