Sunday, July 24, 2005

in five...

Now that it is after midnight, I can technically say that I am moving in five days! Hopefully everyone will be feeling better then. Littleman is teething, again, it happens off and on for the first few years. Bigguy decided to start vomiting today, at first we thought it was a combonation of allergies and heat, but now...I don't know. I fealt really mad at my self, earlier, when I laughed at him. He told me that he threw up at Menard's, I told him that was OK, he said it wasn't. I then stated that sometimes theese things happen, then he stated, quite seriously, "No, Momma, no they don't." I started to giggle, but luckily I stopped myself. I fealt so bad, but what could I do? Sometimes you just have to snicker at them.
I have had to delete the sentance I have been trying to type numerous times, I am very very tired, and typing wierd combinations of words...I will type some more later

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