Thursday, July 14, 2005

nothing, but nothing, says bonding better than shopping!

I got together with Mom today. We went shopping and then out to eat with the boys. It was a really nice day, incredible heat aside. Mom and I picked a couple outfits(okay, a shitload of outfits) out to try n, and a few things for the other person to try on. Everything that my mom picked for me fit beautifully, and is a style that I will where. How many other mom's can do that for their 26 year old daughter?? All said and done, she spent a little money on each boy, and a decent chunk of money on me, plus lunch. The buying me stuff was fun, it always is-quote my son "I like it when people buy me things!", but the spending time with mom part was really cool, I don't do it enough anymore, and it meant a lot to me. So everyone-next time you see me in a nice well fitting dress, and think "Damn, that girl looks good, especially for a mom of two!" Thank my mom, she probably picked out and bought the dress, and she is largely responsible for my DNA.

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