Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Yeah, I know, fabulous post title, really grabs ya, don't it. Anyways-it's been a while since I last trecked on through here, Bigguy had Croup-that sucked, now little man has some virus that causes congestion and a lovely lobster red rash. I brought him to the doctor and the doctor said" no more monkeys..."no errr...the dr said he shows all the signs of infant asthma, so now we have him on a nebulizer every 4 hours or so during waking hours. Littleman doesn't mind much, he keeps trying to eat it, so he must like it, but Bigguy doesn't understand why Littleman get to use it and not him. I just told him he doesn't need it now. After his checkup in June when they test for allergies and asthma, he might. Hopefully moving will help, but I don't know exactly when that will be, probly by august if all goes smoothely.
Sorry to be rambling so much, sick kids don't lend themeselves to sleeping well.

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