Thursday, April 28, 2005

Now with fruit filling!

My ex-husband is living in this state. I am not happy with this, but I also know that I can do nothing about it. I am fairly certain that he will not do anything against me, my boys, or Hubby, but I cannot be certain. It makes me uncomfortable. He has burned his bridges in everyother state he lived in, so he settled here, I can understand that, but he wouldn't have been exposed to MN in the first place if I hadn't brought him here. Ahh well, worrying about possible bad scenarios isn't going to help me any, and it is much better for me to just pretend he doesn't exist.
On a differrent note, it's been a while since we've talked about Defunct-Dad and Evil-step-mom, that is because I snapped last month and no longer play the good daughter. They wanted to see the boys, the boys were sick, Evil wasn't willing to accept that and asked why they could only see them on my schedule. Excuse me?!?! They are my boys, of course they will only be seen on my schedule, and from there it elevated to me telling my dad that untill we talked honestly about what happenned fron 16 untill now, he wasn't seeing me and the boys. I told him that I needed an honest exlanation, from him, not Evil, about why he dissappeared and never called or visited, especially when he drove past mom's every day on his way to and home from work. I told him that there was no excuse for him not calling when family members died, there was no excuse PERIOD for what he did, and untill he can give me answers, I will not be around. I also said(mor out of anger than anything else) that studies show that women who have a good relationship with a present father have more adjusted lives and relationships with men. Maybe some of the fucked up shit I went through, put myself through and didn't always enjoy wouldn't have happenned if he was there when I needed him. I speek cordially with him when he calls on his lunch breaks, and that is that. gotta feed a baby now.

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