Thursday, April 28, 2005

judge not lest ye be modded!

On one of the forums that I frequent under the name of HW2K, someone made a comment along the lines of" What thehell does she know about about anything?, She's a housewife, lookit her name!" What an arrogant prick! To believe that a) I am a housewife because my name states as much, fine not a far reaching assumption, because I am a housewife and stay-at home mom, but if my name was kittygiggle, would he assume I was a kitty? And b) that because I am a housewife I am either stupid, or don't follow what's going on in the world. because I am a homemaker I pay attention. I need to know what laws the idiots in congress are trying to pass that are going to affect my childrens lives. I need to know what changes they are trying to make to social security, insurance, the environment, everything. I am the one who does the budget, decides out entertainment, balences the daily tasks of raising a family with living a life.
To believe that I am an imbecile, or uneducated, or apathetic, or unskilled because I CHOOSE to raise my children is breathtakingly moronic. If we were in a possition where I had to work, I could, and could do so somewhere that requires skills other than flipping burgers and asking someone if they want fries with that. If I had the time I would read the paper the day it was delivered instead of waiting a day, so that I was not behind tha loop. If I chose to I could be paying someone rediculous amopunts of money to raise my children for me so I could get out of the house for 40 hours a week and be a productive member of society. I DON"T NEED TO. I am in a possition where I was able to decide to watch and raise my own children, help them create their morals and values, educate them, love them, play with them, witness their milestones, and know that 20 years from now, when they are doing truely amazing things with their lives, and people ask them how they did it, they will be able to say "My mom read to us nightly, played with us, encouraged and supported us and was always there"
I understand that some parents do not get the choice to stay home with their kids. My mom didn't, but she busted her ass to be there for us when we needed her. She read to us when we were little, and when we were old enough to read to ourselves, gave us suggestyions but always let us choose our own materials. She is like that now, if we need her, she is there, giving us reccomendations, but letting us pick our own things.
Anyways, back to the asshole. He made a stupid comment based off of a bad assumption, and in turn, was modderated right off the discussion. The host of the forum stated it was for gross stupidity, and that made my day. Maybe the dude will thimk twice before the next time he makes broad generalizations

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Mom the HIPPLE said...

That's my girl!

Honestly, what was wrong with that guy? He sounds like some fat-bellied, crotch-scratching, wimmenlibber hater of the 60's. Was his name Archie?

I think you are doing a much better job with your boys than I did with you girls. As Jazzdad said, "Motherhood becomes you."

BTW, regarding previous posts - most of us make egregious mistakes when we are young, especially when we have fuck-up parents. I don't absolve myself from some of the blame, but I will say that your idiot father needs to publicly take responsibility for abandoning you.