Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why, PETA, why?

I breastfed all three boys, each for a different length of time. I produced a fair amount of breastmilk for a mom of a singleton, but not enough to make, oh...a gallon of icecream a day.
Why would I ever wonder about how much breastmilk could be tunred into icecream? Because PETA fricken sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's, they of the environmentally frieldny containers houseing icecream made with organic hormone free milk and other goodness, yeah, PETA wront them a letter suggesting they replace the cows milk in their icecream with breastmilk. Apparently, the processes to make a dairy cow produce dairy is cruel, but it would be perfectly acceptable to what, ask women to make icecream instead of feeding their children, keep pumping long after they are done breasdfeeding in order to make icecream...explain please, PETA.
It is unacceptable to wear or eat animals, it is however acceptable to have naked women pose for your campaigns, women who are generally below the average weight in this society, BTW, and it's what? acceptable to substitute women for cattle? No, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

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mom the hipple said...

Um, cows HAVE to be milked or they die. They die in excruciating pain. Cows produce milk whether they are pregnant or not. Maybe dairy farming techniques are cruel (I don't know if that is true or not)but cows still have to be milked. Women as milk machines? I read a freaky science fiction story along those lines once, it wasn't a pretty scenario.