Saturday, September 06, 2008

feelings about the campaign, and those nominated.

Sarah Palin scares the ever lovin' shit out of me. Something about her instills a fear into me that is almost primal. Maybe, it was her asertation that the Iraq war was a task from God, maybe, it is her political and environmental beliefs, and how fervent she is in them. Maybe, it's that she is anti-abortion/anti-birthcontrol and pro abstinence only education. It could be that the day after making a major speech at the RNC, decrying borkbarrel spending, a middleof the road news orginization did some fact checking nd found how much pork barrelling went on between her and McCain.

I don't know why, but she frightens me. On the oddly plus side, she is frightening alot of midline, undecided voters, and even some republican voters to the point that Obama and Biden's numbers are climbing, their fundraising is jumping, and people want to vote for them JUSt to keep Palin out of the white house.

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