Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, yes, more kvetchng!

This time, though, it is not about being ill, which I am, and it sucks donkeys, no, this is about politics, again!
I have a few friends who hold differring political beliefs than I do. That is fine, normally it isn't an issue.
This election season, though, it is an issue.
Serisoully, how can anyone think that Palin and Mccain will be better than Biden and Obama, and evem more seriously, folks, how can ANYONE take Colemans anti-Franken commercials seriously- yes, they show him swearing and yelling and swearing some more, and they quote him from his book. Need I remind people that Franken is A)A comedian, B) is a sometimes inflammatory commedian, and C) the information you are using in the quotes is all 4-7 year old. Cmon!

Palin is not the right choice for VP, McCain isn't the right choice for PRes, and We have a chance to boot Coleman.

Do not tell me that their fiscal policies make up for the fact that they like the war, and want to remove any control we have over our reproductive choices, don't!
Don't tell me that Palin is in any way shape size or formed even remotely qualified, don't!
Don't tell me I am getting all of my information from the liberal media, as I have even been watching FOX fucking news chanel, and watching the conservatives say without saying that Palin and McCain are not the way to go.

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