Sunday, September 21, 2008

Super Shopper!!!

I went to the grocery store today. I forgot my coupons at home, but I remembered my list, the list that I wrote out very carefully with Hubby while sitting in front of the computer, checking out the stores weekly and 96 hour sale, add.
I walked out of the store having spent $52 and change, with a large printed area on my reciept letting me know I saved $35.06.
Folks, I got over 80 dollars worth of groceries, without coupons, for roughly 50, including 3 pounds of hamburger, coffee, and 5boxes of toaster waffles/nuker pancakes.

I rule. Once I remember my coupons, I will rule even more.

I must give credit to Mom The HIpple for a large portion of my ruleingness...ruleosity...rulesilliance...ummm, it's because of her that I rule
Mom passed the coupon-fu on to me at a yong age, and Mom, knowing we don't get the paper, gives me her coupons and ads. She also got me this awesome Mom's orginizer/calander that came with a grocery list and a coupon pocket- this means that I actually write a list, and that I grab the coupons I plan on using and a few possible coupons to use, unstead of bringing my coupon dis-organizer of doom!

The other secret to saving a lot of money at the grocery, shop while sick. Not contagious sick, as that is just cruel, but when you are sick, you are not hungry, food doean't taste right, and you want to get out of the store asap. Shopping while sick actually means you browse less, you get fewer off the list items, and if you do make an impulse buy, it is generally something like fresh fruit, fruit juice, or kleenex, not something like expensive ass icecream that is on sale, and chips.

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