Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I am feeling in over my head at the moment. The rental office informed us, by note, at 5 pm last night that starting at 8 am on wednesday they will be giving all the units their annual review-heating,plumbing and what not-so will need to be in the units, with access to all they need. What is funny, in the 15-16 months that we have lived here, this is the first annual review. So i have to clean, everything, and I know it is my not keeping on top of it that let it get bad in the first place, we had it clean, but I keep letting it slip and slide into a mess. I am worried that there is not enough of me to go around to all my boys and Hubby. Now that we have a tentative diagnoses for Thor, he has a therapy/evel/testing damn near weekly, and not on a regular schedule yet, plus Buddha is developing rapidly, and Hermes is in school, and I fear I am not giving anyone the attention they deserve. When I get overwhelmed I want to crawl on the computer or into bed and curl up with a book, but I cannot do that because that just limits what I have for other people, but I know I need to give to myself as well. I don't talk to HUbby about this as much as I should, because he would just worry, and I know that ultimately, I am fine, just overwhelmed right now, and once I get a schedule figured out it will be fine...honest.

We just got back from a beautiful vacation in mexico, we are getting new cell-phone in the next week-for free(yay upgrades) Hermes' conferences are wednesday night, and his teacher is glowing about him, so no worries there, and Hermes has no school on friday, so we can just chill, and have time just for us when the little brothers are napping. Thanksgiving is not at my place, we are actually going to the in-laws, and X-mas is over a month off-I am fine, I have all the time in the world, and I am sure I just made everyone worry about my mental health unnecesarrily-just needed to vent.

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