Friday, November 17, 2006


Hermes is going to have a friend from school over for a while this afternoon. While they are playing, his friend's mom and I will talk, and his friends sister will, hopefully, play with them or with Thor...moreover Thor will hopefully want to play WITH other kids, and not play at them. The Housewifeland social experiment is about to begin. If this goes well, it will lead to more gettogethers, even possible on a weekend day, so our Husbands can play, too! This is the first ever actual 'playdate' Hermes has had, everytime he's played with others it's been fairly informal. Hermes friend is a lot like him, so it will either go well, and they will keep each other occupied, with only a little prompting from the parents, or, worst case, when SistahGirl gets home from work, it will look like the Hindenburg went BOOM!!!!!!!!! in my livingroom.

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