Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too cute by half!

WARNING:this post opens with a discussion about my breasts-it is not all about the boobs though.

I have an injury to one of my nipples. It is a casualty of breastfeeding. I let it get a little too severe, so until it fully heals, Buddha is being nursed off of one side only. So as not to cut down on milk production, and to make sure Buddha has enough to eat, AND to make sure that when I wean him he won't starve himself by refusing a bottle, I have been pumping on the injured side, and storing the milk. I was sitting on the couch and feeding Buddha a bottle after nursing, and Littleman is sitting next to us. OK, Littleman is bouncing and climbing next to us, but he sat occasionally. Littleman pats Buddha's head, then leans down and kisses Buddha's head. It was too, too cute. We had to call Littleman's affections off, though, because he was getting a little too carried away, and came very close to hurting the babe. Littleman was upset, but he decided it was OK when he got a sippy of milk.

It's good to know he cares.

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