Thursday, June 08, 2006

fit vs the fat might win

I am working on getting in shape, and that is more than just phisically, btw. I have been working on keeping my house cleaner-the secret-have a routine and don't waiver, one missed day can through everything off, then your back at ground zero, frustrated, and the couch starts to look too good. I have also been exersicing regularly for the last week(just shy of), but honestly, I didn't last night. Bigguy and Buddha had immunizations, I overslept, and just diddn't feel up to it. Today, I know i need to work out, but I am cramping something fierce, and, in the immortal words of small children everywhere- "I don't wannnnaaaa". I will. Then I will shower. Then I will eat ibuprofin like candy. If I don't, the couch will trap me with it's siren song, and I will be helplessly ensnared by it's soft cushions and pillows of comfiness. Must get up....fat trying to win....need to....move

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