Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I breastfeed. At just over two months of age, baby Buddha has only had a bottle in his mouth once, at four days old, at the behest of a doctor, and then it was pumped hind-milk. (Hind-milk is the fatty milk that comes at the end of the feeding be"hind" the other milk-it helped him with some infant constipation...I know...TMI) My flagrant breast-feeding exposes Bigguy to alot of boob. He generally ignores it, unless Hubby is trying to take a business related cal and then prospective interviewer hears "Hey Mom! Does your boob ever get cold doing that?" I can only imagine what this is doing for Hubby's job hunting prospects.


Mom the Hipple said...

There was the time I was feeding you a bottle in public and your 4 year old sister yelled as loud as she could in a shopping mall - "Mom! You're not supposed to give her a bottle, you should be giving her booby milk!"

kylark said...

I was just looking out for my little sister!