Tuesday, June 27, 2006

questions and answers

bigguy is still at that age where he questions everything...I don't think there will ever be a time in his life where he isn't that age! Here is a sampling on the questions I have gotten so far today:
Mommy, can you get (instert web name here) into my computer?

Mom, can I have a jelly sandwich? no peanut butter, just jelly? seriously...just jelly?

Mommy, are you ever going to have another baby?

Why? Why? why? Whyyyy? (these asked mostly to annoy, not out of any innate desire to learn)

How come all the other cars are prettier than ours?

and the one that blew my mind, and made me realize that it's never too soon to teach them tact
Mommy, when are you going to lose more weight? Your tummy is big!


mom the hipple said...

1) only if I use a crowbar
2) do you want bread with that?
3)no, because it might be just like you and the world isn't ready for two of you
4) because, because, because I said so, go to bed
5) because they had plastic surgery
6) everyone is beautiful in their own way, don't ask so many questions

kylark said...