Thursday, April 27, 2006

kids are cute

When Bigguy was a wee little babe, we thought he strongly resembled E.T. Littleman, hands down, Alfred Hitchcock. He so resembled Hitchcock that Bro-in-law often joked about buying him some stuffed birds. Today it struck me that Babe#3, yeah...he looks like Yoda. Don't get me wrong, he's not green, but he always has a wrinkly little forehead, his years droop just a little at the top, and are slightly uneven,he often has his fingers interlaced in a thoughtful, knowing manner, and he makes...well..Yodalike mouth movements. Two puppets and a horror/mystery writer...not bad.

Littleman had a peice of parsly from dinner sticking to his forehead, right in the location of the Third Eye. I commented that he had parsley for a third eye, he has found inner peace, and it is tasty. His toddler response - thoughtful pause, followed by "Uh-huh!!" Hubby said I deffinately needed to write that one down for posterity.

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