Wednesday, May 03, 2006

beef stupor

Mmmmmm...Steak. We visited Sam's Club this weekend, and, as always, left with a ton of food for a reasonable price. We always stock up on red meat at Sam's, good quality, fabulous price. After living a steak free existance for a while, Hubby grilled tonight. Dinner was heaven. Bigguy, in his insistance to refer to all meat products as the animal they came from, cracked us up when he asked for "Cow sauce" to go with his steak. Steak, Brocolli Normandy(broc, cauliflower, and "bias cut" carrots, for those who don't know) and my awesome oven-baked and broiled steak fries. MmmmmMmmmm, and since it's basement-dwelling-roommies birthday tomorrow, we will even have desert...Life is good

If ya ask, I might even give you my awesome steak fry recipe!


Kylark said...

At least now he admits it comes from cows and not the "meat factory."

Hw2K said...

Yeah, but he still insists that there is a "Ginormous meatloaf store"