Sunday, April 02, 2006

fixed a typo, more info

First, thanks to the anonymous commenter who, in their own snarky way, pointed out an error in my bio/profile/ Babe #3 is due in april 06 not '05, so
I have not been pregnant for the last three years, although sometimes it feels like it.

Now, for a little medical info, for people in the know. On friday I was at 2 cm, 50 percent effaced, and at a +1 station. This translates into me being really, really physically uncomfortable, and one of the few woman who can somehow manage being at a +1 while still not being in "active" labor. Will wonders never cease. If this kid doesn't come out on his own by 10:15 am tomorrow morning, I get to brive to the clinic attached to the hospital, get induction paperwork filled out, figure out which of two hosp's it'll be done at, and check in to have this kid! I would prefer to go naturally, but at this point, my body is not cooporating, and things are becoming increasingly more complicated. Things like standing, sitting, changing possition, getting dressed, and doing these things without falling over.

Of course, there is a very real possibilaty that I will go into labor tonight, not need the induction, and all will be well, but I am not placing any bets at this point.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to be snarky on the "pregnant forever" thing.. sorry. I've been there, having gone two weeks past the due date for one of mine, and I know how tired/big/anxious-for-it-to-end you must be.

Hang in there, good luck, and you're going to have a beautiful baby soon!