Friday, November 19, 2004


Sometimes, I wonder if I missed the upgrade for Housewife 3000. Littleman had a really colicky night last night, and Bigguy was up at about 3 am and is still going strong. I know that it is normal to be tired and frustrated right now. I am upset with myself, tho, I need to be supermom, get the laundry done-take care of my kids-make sure Hubby gets enough sleep for work-pray that the kids aren't waking the Hubby's parents, who we livve with till we get our own place again-manage daytime meals-help with evening and weekend meals-breastfeed-keep kids clean-keep Bigguy behaved-do random things around the house-AND look presentable while doing it. Ever try to shower with a 3 yr old knocking on the door and an infant crying??
I know my expectations of myself are unreasonable. I have friends, family and pediatricians all telling me I am doing a fabulous job, and every time I hear it I feel better until I wonder if they're just saying it to appease me and keep me from crying/screaming/becoming an histerical gibbering mess.
Man! My spelling and grammar suck now, too!!!!

If I can't be super woman, can I get 2 more hours in the day?

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MNObserver said...

Because if you had two more hours in a day, there is almost zero chance that you'd get to use them for a nap or a shower or even going to the bathroom by yourself.

And besides, two more hours a day would mean an extra 13,000 hours until tht bittersweet moment they grow up.

Hang in there.