Monday, November 29, 2004

Turkey Trauma

Ok, Thanksgiving probably wasn't traumatic-but it will be remembered always. Our guest showed up 2 hrs early, we had way more food than people-the dog bit someone-and the mother-in-law to be got a migraine. The plus side? Bigguy kept his pants on the entire meal!!! Now we eat the leftovers. At my family's 2nd annual sunday after thanksgiving meal, I felt tired and slightly invisible-but the kids had a blast. Mom got to spend time with both boys-Bigguy played some of the most entertaining video games ever, and a good time was had by all. It's wierd to see how group interrection between myy self and my siblings have changed now that I have 2 kids, but it's to be expected. My world revolves around potty training, diapers, teething, clothing sizes, reading childrens books and other kid stuff. The siblings can see movies, go clubbing, go shopping without having to worry about whats prominently displayed in the toy aisle, and just as long as their bills are paid, worry about themselves.
I was thinking back to my child-free days, and my rare single days and I realized as frustrating as it is to be a mom-I wouldn't go back for anything. I appreciate my Mom much more now than I ever did before-I have the hubby-sha did most of this alone, I can stay home with my boys-she had to work to support us girls and still find time to be there for us, I have pretty muchmore people to go to with my prblems than I'll ever need-she only had a few. Now I understand why she seemed so tired(she was), so frustrated(she was), and why she was so happy to get away for a little while. It wasn't that she didn't love us, want to spend time with us, and all the other things you think when you are a little kid. It was because she loved, cared, and wanted to be a good mom that she had time to herself-you can't raise kids when your on your wits end. I love my mom more now than when I was 13. I understand her more now. I need her more now. I am THANKFUL for her now. as an aside-my dad still sucks.

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