Thursday, November 18, 2004

stuff, stuff, and more stuff

Being this is new, some stuff about me. When I was 20 I got married. I was divorced at 21. Yeah, people shouldn't get married that young, it's not healthy, you think you know what you want, you're probably wrong. I should've listened to my sister, the Spacewaitress. She said if I was sure it was what I wanted, wait 5 years-then do it. I figured we'd still be together so what difference does 5 years make. Heh! Not listening to my sister has gotten me into more trouble than listening has evrer done.
More stuff- I have now been in a commited relationship for over 4 yrs-we'll get legally married soon enough, but everyone we know has told us we're already married-the gov't just hasn't realized it yet. I have 2 boys-Bigguy is 3 and dangerously smart. He gets his way more often than not because he has a better arguement than I do. Littleman is a month old and colicky- that sucks-otherwise he is perfect in ways that only small children have and adults envy.
Even more stuff-I have a very large not always functional but i love them anyways family.

Oh, and in case you're wondering-yes I am a stay at home mom, and plan on being such for as long as possible.

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