Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Update on Hermes

Hermes is doing much better. He is still feverish, but it has stabalized and is hanging out around the 101.4 range. He still has some abdominal pain, but no throat pain yet, which is very odd. Even though he technically has strep throat, it is affentin his tummy, intestins, and what not- pain wise. The plus side, is that he still has an appetite, he is still thirsty, and he is able to eat and drink which will help vastly with recovery. The down side is that if he does experience throat pain, he will feel it after he is no longer contagious, and will just have to deal with it.

Tomorrow qill be interesting, as it has the most petential for everything on him hurtung, part of why he will be home all day tomorrow, too. Hubby is home today, helpin with the kids, making it so I can actually got some stuff done. I have managed to do a bunch of laundry, some dishes, reclaim the loveseat, and Hubby pulled the garbage from the boys rooms. Joy. It isn't even one today, so I will be able to hopefully finish off the dishes, and get more laundry done, ,maybe some general straightening too. My goal is to have the kitchen CLEAN clean by tomorrow night, although now that I set a goal for it to be done, it will more than likely be sometime next week.

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