Monday, June 22, 2009

Special places in hell

This post is not referring to the special place in hell for Mal, although, it is a good one, no, this is referring to the special, extra painful, slow torture portions of hell that I hope are reserved for parents who intentially leave thier small children locked inside of hot vehicles.
The weather right now is rediculously hot- 95 ferenhiet with high fucking humidity. EArlier today there was a mom who left her infant twins in her van for HOURS. You just don't do that shit, people. I will eventually type more about this after I have calmed down some, but suffice to say, I am pissed, hella pissed. I hit the gas station before getting Hubby from work, I knew I would be inside for less than five minutes, and STILL I unbuckled Thor, and brought him in with me, why? It was FUCKING HOT OUT!

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Mom the hipple said...

Hell yes, good for you for bringing the kid inside. Not only that, even if it was only for 5 minutes what if something happened, like locking the keys in the van, or you faint and no-one knows your kids in the van, or someone steals the van with the kid inside, etc.